A Dreary Day’s Reflections & Ponderings

Being pregnant for round two is quite different from round one.

I am very tired and find it hard to get a moment to completely relax other than when my head hits the pillow for the night. I remember the first time around I had a lot of time to lay around and veg. Now I chase Wyatt because he’s a very busy boy.

I have not found time to exercise and feel really out of shape and am lacking stamina. Especially when I’m walking up the stairs and carrying Wyatt (when he wont comply and go up the stairs by himself). By the time I get to the top, I am out of breath. Pretty LAME!

However, I do enjoy feeling little baby kicks throughout the day and night. It’s a nice reminder that someone very special is growing inside of me.

Another thing that is on my mind is the past. Not that I’m dwelling on it, I just am conscious of it. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow. Nearly two years ago on April 16th, my water broke at 22 weeks and 5 days while pregnant with Wyatt. Right now, I can’t imagine that happening and the reality of how early that was is really hitting me. I’ve had several friends and family members have babies in the recent weeks, (one being my brother and his wife) and I just think how crazy and how much of a miracle it was that Wyatt is so perfect and healthy after all we went through together.

I am proud to say that Wyatt’s birth picture along with his 1-year-old picture is displayed outside of the NICU. He has an amazing story and I feel happy that other parents can feel encouraged through our adventure.


9 thoughts on “A Dreary Day’s Reflections & Ponderings

  1. Congratulations Heidi, just noticed the good news. I don’t get to my internet sites very often. What did Tim and his wife have? I know they were due around this time. Your Mom & Dad are getting into this grandparents thing. I’m enjoying every minute. No new additions to our family yet, wait, Brian just got a cat!!!

    • Thanks Linda!
      Tim and Sarah had a boy and named him Colin. He was born 5 weeks premature but is thriving at home now. My mom and dad are loving the Grandma and Grandpa thing for sure!

      Tell Brian congratulations on his new cat! πŸ˜‰

  2. I read this post and I can relate to the first few lines. Pregnancy #2 seems so much more exhausting…but well worth it in the end!

    • Hey Andrea, I know you can relate for sure! I am trying to exercise more now and I’m hoping that makes a difference. And you’re right, it’s SO worth it πŸ™‚

      • Look out for the third trimester. For the past week and a half I feel like I did back in the first trimester…no energy. I don’t remember it being this bad when I was pregnant with Emma. I hope your excersing helps too πŸ™‚

        • I still have a few more weeks to go until then. I’ll make the most of my time now when I still have some energy to spare. Hang in there!

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