SOLD!! Circle Y Mesa Wade Saddle for Sale!

Just a quick update…

Charm was adjusted earlier this week and there were a few spots that were stuck. Specifically her lower back, lower neck, ribs and sternum. The sternum improved a lot over last time, which is good to know. Her stifles are weaker and I will be doing isometric exercises to help her build strength. Also, her abs are WAY out of shape, which is no surprise. We will be going back to hill work once the footing outside improves (will it ever?).

Dr. Patty expects that Charm is developing arthritis in her knee. She has less mobility than last time. This is not a surprise to me, but it still sucks. I have had her on a supplement since this past fall which has helped. We will just be watching it.

And finally, my saddle might be causing a lot of the problems as well. After looking it over during the appointment it just doesn’t fit well and there isn’t enough room for her shoulders. I think she beefed out since I bought it and with my air pad, I just never gave it much thought. But it was obvious once we took a close look at it. I love my saddle, but now will be looking for a replacement once this one is sold.

So anyone out there.. if you’re looking for a GREAT ranch saddle, I have a 16″ Circle Y Mesa Wade for sale! It’s beautiful and is in great condition! Here is a picture of Charm showing it off when I first got it. If anyone has any questions about it, please send me a message below. 🙂



2 thoughts on “SOLD!! Circle Y Mesa Wade Saddle for Sale!

  1. Oh no, arthritis…that’s not good news. Me and Nazir just went through it as well. If you need any treatment advise let me know, we already have some experience with that. Starting to feed a joint supplement is for sure a good idea, but I guess your vet takes care of that. I keep my fingers crossed!
    My saddle was also causing some problems, I just had it refitted last weekend. I always liked Circle Y saddles just by the look of it, they look really comfy. Have a good weekend and greetings from Poland!

    • Thanks Bee! Yes, I am bummed about it, but since I started the supplement, she has improved. We just have tons of ice and snow now, so the footing in the pasture is not the best.

      As for the saddle, I enjoy riding bareback… so I’ll just take my time until I find just the right saddle (once my sells). I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I think of any questions 🙂

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