My house is currently quiet which doesn’t happen very often during the day.. so I thought I’d take a moment to write, except I’m not sure what to exactly write about.

Lately nothing has really been going on. We are experiencing the deep freeze along with most of the country and I am now comfortable with the temps below 0˙. No biggie. Once this place gets above 50˙ I can see our neighbors all going nuts and breaking out the pools, grills, bounce house (for the kids), margaritas (for the adults)… like we do in the middle of summer. That’ll be a good day. Hopefully it happens in a few weeks.


This picture just looks cold doesn’t it?

Despite the cold, I have been able to ski. I end up sweating like a pig when I ski so the cold doesn’t bother me at all. Then when I am done and all terribly sweaty, I unzip my jacket part way and drive home or where ever as I am experiencing what is seemingly a never-ending hot flash. Eventually that cooling thing happens and I get terribly cold, because, yes, it’s only 7˙ out.. and then I end up not being able to get warm. For some reason, I don’t learn from this and I get tricked every time. Last time I went skiing, I mapped it on my iPhone and was doing between a 12-13 min mile. Not bad considering there were some hills and pauses here and there.

Work has slowed down a lot now. I am happy about that… I was going a little postal there for a while.


Here she is looking like a hairy yak.

Charm. Well, she is seeing the chiropractor at the end of the month. She’s still not totally sound and is now showing the same things she did about a year ago. She’s cinchy, tender on her right side, lays her ears back at me while riding if I get the slightest bit off-balance or ask her to do something the wrong way. This past year has been off and on with her lameness and I am very broken up about it. We are to the point that we can do practically anything we want. Finally. I am confident in her, and have overcome so many of the fear issues I had. Now the idea of not being able to do these things just devastates me. I don’t have the time I like used to… to start with another horse. Right now, I have a couple of hours each week to spend..  and I want it to be an enjoyable time. Relaxing, fulfilling, fun, carefree. This is my reward for putting the time in that I’ve put in over the past 10 years with her. So yes, I’m frustrated. But so it goes with these things.. I know I am not the only one. It just sucks. I hope that she is better for the riding season. Say a prayer…

I haven’t gotten out to take many pictures lately because it’s so terribly cold. My fingers would freeze and fall off in a matter of minutes. I hope to get out there again soon when the temps are on the upswing.. which should be any day now. I hope to get out with the film camera soon too. I did take some pictures of an ice waterfall (iPhone), so I’ll leave you with this…


I hope everyone is well out there… I’ll be back soon.


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