Yesterday I spent the day at my Grandparent’s house to celebrate my Gramp’s 85th Birthday.
I ventured out into the 5˙ weather and here are some pictures that I took.

DSC_2551The Old Barn
I grew up playing in this barn… now it’s a little dangerous as you can see. We are all waiting for the day when a big storm comes and knocks it over. Here’s an interesting fact… some of the large beams are charred and are burnt timber from the Peshtigo Fire in 1871.  The Peshtigo Fire occurred the same day as the Great Chicago Fire.

DSC_2543Chilly Sun Star
The barn picture and this one were taken with my Tokina 11-16mm. One fun thing about this lens is how it produces 18 point sun stars when used at a small aperture. I like it!

GrampsmGramp & Wilson
Here is my Gramp with his little dog Wilson. My Grandparents rescued Wilson from a puppy mill. Wilson is old and is missing a few teeth, but he is a perfect companion for them (besides their Golden Retriever, Moon Beam of course). My Gramp turned 85 yesterday and my Gram had a ton of food and of course a smorgusboard of desserts. I’m pretty sure I gained at least 3 pounds.

DSC_2557Moon Rise
As we were leaving, the sun was setting in west and moon was rising in the east. The sunset caused a gorgeous pink and purple hue. Glad I was able to capture this gorgeous moment. PS.. that dark blue through the trees is Lake Michigan.


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