The Season of Busy

It’s that time of year again.. the season of busy.

As I get older, I seem to dislike the holidays more and more. Having kids brings a fresh look at it, I enjoy seeing their excitement and remembering when I was younger and things were so much more simple.

Now, it seems it’s all about what everyone wants and greed.

Things, material possessions, stuff. What use is it really? Will you remember what you got last Christmas a year from now?

I guess I just get crabby and cynical this time of year.

Besides that, I’m just busy.

It’s the big push at work right now before the end of the year. There are parties, gatherings, cooking and baking to do. Presents to wrap and my house is only half decorated.

But I guess I am going to just choose to not stress about it. What’s the point? It’s my choice after all to do all this stuff.

I think the thing that really gets me is the fact that we all go crazy preparing to Christmas and New Years etc… Then when it’s over everything comes to a screeching halt.

And there is nothing. Just a cold, white void.

I am making a few goals for myself in 2014. I want to do some things I’ve said I’ve always wanted to do.
There will be about 3 or 4 things… starting with the first day of the year… can you guess what it is?? You’ll think I’m completely insane.

This song has reallyΒ  inspired me lately.. it was written for his kid, but I like to think we can all relate a little… It’s helping me keep my chin up.


4 thoughts on “The Season of Busy

  1. oh boy i hear ya! i’ve threatened to just not do christmas a few times this year. last year’s christmas was such a DISASTER that i didn’t want to do it all over again this year. having such greedy, whiny kids before and during christmas just broke my heart last year. they are doing ever so much better this year. and this year i have chosen to keep things very very simple. home made gifts and putting lots and lots of love into everything we make with our hands. that’s what it’s about to me ❀

  2. Christmas turned into’what can i buy you that you could go out and buy for yourself anyway?’ Really sad so now we don’t do it, well I don’t. Josh and I do but everyone else is very very minimal, I think it’s nicer that way. My valiant attempts at guessing what someone would love quite often failed so hey here’s a hug and a treat.

    After Christmas is time for skiing! (And riding your indian pony through the snow) Booyah!

    • Exactly! I just need to think about skiing and the horse, or how about skiing behind the horse? Skijoring?? Is it the year to skiorj behind Charm? Shall I add skijoring to this mysterious list I’m making?? I have always wanted to do that…. πŸ˜‰

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