Algoma Harbor Sunrise | Long Exposure

I been intrigued lately by some Instagram photographers and their beautiful long exposure photographs. Specifically around bodies of water giving them this cool silky/foggy look. It was time for me to experiment!

So I took a shot at it and here’s what I got. I had a tripod, but forgot the tripod plate to attach to my camera! So this was taken while my camera was placed carefully on the pier. It was very windy and the waves were between 2-3 feet in this harbor. I used some Tiffen Neutral Density filters and stacked them, then exposed this image for 25 seconds. I am happy with how it turned out.

This is the JPEG straight from the camera, no editing.

I’ll be doing more of these!! I am looking at getting this filter for my wide angle lens which will allow me to do much more with this technique.


Algoma Harbor
ISO 100
25 seconds
Tiffen ND: 0.6, 0.9, 1.2 all stacked


7 thoughts on “Algoma Harbor Sunrise | Long Exposure

  1. I have a question, how do you make it expose for 25 seconds? I thought that was determined by the shutter speed. And if that is true, what shutter speed equals 25 seconds?

  2. Also, I did not think we could upload to instagram unless we have the app and can directly upload.
    Are they taking a picture of their cool photo and then uploading it or can they take those shots with their phone?


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