Wish List

After much personal deliberation I’ve finally decided which will be my next camera body.

After reading reviews and weighing the options and looking at prices I’ve decided that the Nikon D7100 will be my next purchase.

I am really excited since it’s quite the upgrade from my D5000.

nikon-d7100My current camera is great and I’ve been able to get some great captures with it. But lately I’ve been doing some night/indoor shooting and I am not happy with the grainy outcome when using higher ISOs (can’t really push it past 800 without a lot of grain). For a recent shoot, I used my brothers D7000 and the difference from my current camera was amazing. Also I find that 11 AF Points is not enough.. this one has 51(!). Plus many, many more upgrades!

Besides that, Ken Rockwell raves about this camera saying it’s the World’s Best DX Camera. See his complete review here.

So yes, hopefully in a few weeks I will have one in my camera bag.

Now onto my lens wish list.

Since I do a lot of landscape and interior shooting.. I would love a nice wide angle lens. So, I’m planning to eventually pick up this 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5. I think I could really have fun with this one.

2181_AF-S-DX-Zoom-NIKKOR-10-24mm-f-3.5-4.5G-ED_frontThe next lens is a 35mm f/1.8.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my 50mm. I’ve gotten some of my favorite pictures with it, but most of the time it’s just not wide enough. I find in some situations I don’t have the room to back up to fit what I want to in frame. So, I think this 35mm would do the trick. Plus it’s very affordable!

2183_AF-S-DX-NIKKOR-35mm-f-1.8G_frontAnd my collection wouldn’t be complete without a macro lens (Nikon calls them micro).
There are so many options, but I am most interested in the 105mm f/2.8.Β  I love macro photography.. especially of flowers and bugs. I could have some serious fun with this lens. I would probably disappear into the woods and you wouldn’t see me for a week.
nikon105mmednSo there it is … My wish list.

I’ll need to get a larger camera bag to accommodate these beauties!


2 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Wow, I looked at Ken’s writeup — pretty impressive camera! I have no idea what a lot of the terms that are used mean, but I can make out enough to know I’d have to take a course to learn to use this camera, lol! Congratulations and have a lot of fun when you get your new camera!

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