Tall Ships

While running kids around town I was able to see a couple of the tall ships arrive late this afternoon. There is a festival going on this weekend that we hope to attend.

Below are the S.S. Sorlandet and the Peacemaker and a little about each (taken from tallshipgreenbay.com).


Ship Type: Full Rigged Ship        Length Overall: 210′       Length on Deck: 186′

Gross Tonnage: 499 GT        Beam: 23′        Draft: 15′

Sail Area: 13,304 sq. ft.        Mast Height: 112′

The Sorlandet is a majestic 210-foot Class “A” full-rigged tall ship built in Norway in 1927 as a sail training ship for the merchant marine. She now sails the world’s oceans as home to Class A float, a private school based out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, offering fully accredited senior high school and university programs.  Just weeks before joining the Tall Ship Challenge she will have completed nine months of ocean sailing that started in Istanbul, Turkey and included three trans-Atlantic crossings with 22 ports of call.


Ship Type: Barkentine       Length Overall: 151′       Length on Deck: 124

Gross Tonnage: GRT 297 ITC 317 DISPLACEMENT 400         Beam: 34′

Draft: 14′           Sail Area: 10,678sq.ft.        Mast Height: 126′ Main

The Peacemaker  is owned by the Twelve Tribes Communities which are located in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Those that sail aboard are members of these communities. They have found in the ship a wonderful way to spend time with members from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Sailing and maintaining the ship affords tremendous opportunities to bond with their children and teach them many practical skills. It is their sincere hope that their lives would be a living demonstration that people from every imaginable background can live in unity and truly be at peace with one another and with their Creator.

The ship was built in 1989 originally for a family in Brazil as a private yacht and then sold to the Community in 2000. The hull is Ipe’ (ironwood is how most know it) and the cabins and interior are all Mahogany.  The heavy cast bronze windows, deck fittings and hardware were all custom made for the vessel. “They broke the mold when they made it” you’ve probably heard said. That was indeed the case with this yacht (that’s where the saying came from). There isn’t another like it in the world!


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