We Love Door County

The past few days we’ve vacationed in Door County.

Door County is a very special place. It’s Wisconsin’s thumb and surrounded by Green Bay on the west side and Lake Michigan on the east side.

Door County is full of beautiful sights. There are many small towns up and down the winding roads and each has its own Marina. There are countless shops,Β galleries and speciality boutiques. Also some awesome restaurants. There aren’t any chain restaurants allowed north of Sturgeon Bay, which keeps with the integrity of the area, supports the small business, and also lends itself to a quaint atmosphere.

We like to go there.

There are also several state parks and places to camp and hike. You really can’t go wrong!

My dad and I went out early the first morning to get some shots. The dock shot has to be my favorite. As soon as it was lined up in my viewfinder I knew it was going to be special. Then some of the others were taken in Sister Bay around sunset.

Thanks for looking!


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