Charmer Turns 12


My oldest turned 12 last week. I’ve had Charm since she was 2 so that makes 10 years of learning together.

Here’s a little summer update.

Charm is really good at maintaining her weight. I didn’t make it out to the barn for a couple of weeks in June and her belly got just as big as it was earlier in the year. I know all the new sugary grass is to blame, but I would really like her to be a little more fit and not so roly-poly. So, we’ve been doing a lot of trotting both online and while riding. She actually isn’t in bad shape; she can trot quite awhile without getting tired.. she just has a few extra pounds around her mid-section.

As for my horsemanship, we’ve still been focusing on some refinement things from the Ryan Rose clinic. Specifically, refinement when it comes to freestyle riding. It’s gotten pretty good. My phases are well defined and she follows my focus and I only need to use the reins about 10% of the time. Also getting our hindquarter and forequarter yields soft and effortless and opening a gate. For some reason, I’ve never really focused on opening a gate and we were nowhere near doing it well. We could open it, no problem. But there was no finesse involved. Now, things have drastically improved and she’s a pro at waiting and taking one step at a time, stepping around and side passing to shut the gate all while I have one hand on the reins and the other on the gate. So I will keep practicing this until it’s as smooth as buddah.

Also, we’ve been amping up the Liberty. Specifically, working on draw and responsiveness.

This stuff is great, but overall, all I really want to do is trail ride… and I think she does too. She really doesn’t care to do arena work and do the same old stuff we’ve been doing and can do with our eyes closed while standing on our heads (well maybe not). So I say, then let’s trail ride!

So overall, that’s what I’ve been focusing on.

Things are going well, I have a super horse. I can get her from the pasture, clean her up, load her in the trailer and go somewhere with no problems. What else can I really ask for? She’s a great partner.


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