Birthday Boys

Evan and Wyatt both recently had their birthdays.

Evan just turned 1.

Wyatt is now 3.

After a few days of screaming, sobbing and crying, I am over it now and am able to write about their birthdays.

We had a birthday party for Evan. We invited over family and close friends for an afternoon of food, and lots of fun games for the kids. We had a couple of bubble machines going and tons of bubble wands. There were also balloons and sidewalk chalk. We were stationed in the garage, so it was very convenient for everyone to play on the driveway.


Here he is eating his cake. He actually picked it up and ate it like an apple.

Then this past week, Wyatt celebrated his birthday. We had a few close friends over on Friday night and then a family celebration on Saturday along with my dad (his birthday is today).

Wyatt is really growing up fast and has overcome so much in his young life. If you didn’t know, he was born a preemie at 31 weeks. Before that I had spent 60 days in the hospital on bed rest after my water broke at 22 weeks (you can read more about our story on the Bed Rest Support page.)


Here is a picture of Wyatt the day he was born alongside his three year old picture from last week. Amazing isn’t it?

Happy Birthday Wyatt and Evan! I love you both so much and please don’t grow up too fast. ❤


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