Golden Hour





I usually shoot my pictures in manual mode but for these I used Aperture Priority and my trusty 50mm F1.8 lens. Since at times I was shooting into the setting sun, then away, sometimes in the middle, I adjusted my exposure by changing the exposure compensation. I knew I may not be quick enough to make all the necessary adjustments. After all, horses move a lot and I had to be looking for the right moment to capture.

The setting sun gave me a good opportunity to mess around with some some silhouettes. Also, the golden tones, and soft reflections in the eyes.

Lately, I’ve been putting more thought into my pictures. I don’t want to just take a good picture, I want to capture a feeling, and evoke an emotion from the reader. I want the picture to be visually stimulating, so I am being a little more picky when I take each photo. I hope this will help me become a better photographer.


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