A Rose Weekend

Ryan and Hillary Rose joined us this weekend for a few days of workshops. Charm and I participated in the Freestyle and Liberty workshops.

We had a lot of fun! I came away with a lot of strategies to help Charm maintain her responsibilities… and also to help me not micromanage her. I also have learned how to achieve more refinement in my phases. So to do less, I will end up getting more from her. And the best part is that it works!

Of course I had my camera handy and couldn’t help buy snap pictures while I audited the other workshops. Here are some of my favorites.


Ryan and Pico


Sofie, Grace and Toni all playing with their gray horses in the online workshop.


I like to call this one the peanut gallery.


Grace was helping her horse, Pico, become more confident.


Here is the finesse group.


Ryan ended up riding Charm during the finesse workshop.


Beth and her horse Ollie. I’m sure Hillary had some brilliant advice for them.


Grace and her Andalusian, Pico, are strutting their stuff.


Trish is loading her horse Stacy with confidence.


Ryan is helping Sandy and Schatzi.


John and Polo


Sofie is introducing Bella to the trailer obstacle.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Stacy!


Toni and Kidd. They did super!


Tracey and Cooper


Sofie and Bella


Kidd on the tarp. This was a major step for Kidd. He wasn’t too sure about the tarp, but Toni did an excellent job building his confidence.

It was hard just picking a few pictures to share. We had a great weekend and I’m so happy the weather cooperated! Everyone seemed to have an excellent time this weekend. Thanks Ryan and Hillary for sharing your knowledge with all of us!


8 thoughts on “A Rose Weekend

    • Thank you! I just took a look at some of your work. I love your Cecropia Moth piece. It’s just gorgeous 🙂 I was able to raise a couple when I was young.. as well as many Monarchs. I look forward to seeing more of your work… it’s very inspiring!

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