Nature iPhoneography: Charm’s Feeling Fresh!

I’d thought I’d use pictures I took of Charm during our warmup session over the weekend.

We were doing some hill work which I hope will help her develop a stronger topline and get her ready for an upcoming clinic as well as trail rides.


She started out a little frisky! I love it when she bucks and plays 🙂


Still going a little fast at the top! Must feel good to move out now that the snow is finally gone.


It’s like fishing, but with a 1,100 pound bass at the end of the line.


Ahh… there’s that nice round canter I was looking for. Looking good Charm!


Nice reach with that hind leg!

image 8

Ok, come on in for your cookie!

All images edited in Snapseed and Instagram.

Thanks for looking!

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8 thoughts on “Nature iPhoneography: Charm’s Feeling Fresh!

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