iPhonography Monday (on Tuesday): Nature

20130430-113802.jpgCan you believe this picture was taken last weekend?

This photo is from the top of Eagle Tower overlooking Peninsula State Park and Green Bay. I was surprised to see how much ice was still on the bay. And, yes it was very cold at the top of the tower.

Now, time to compare to the east side of the peninsula. This is now Lake Michigan on the same afternoon… and look, no ice!


In the first photo we were wearing winter coats… for the second photo just a light jacket did the trick!

The first photo was edited in Instagram and taken by me.
The second was taken of me, by my friend Sofie. It was edited in Snapseed.

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5 thoughts on “iPhonography Monday (on Tuesday): Nature

  1. You know that you are welcome as part of the challenge; there are no set rules that your entry must be posted on Monday. I especially like the second one for various reasons. One is the layering in the image. The way the water turns from one color to another. Another is the depth perception that seem to switch from 2-d to 3-D. Happy iPhoneography Challenge.

    • Thanks Sally! I had fun editing that one in Snapseed. It loved how all the colors started to pop.. it was shot into the sun, so it was a little dark to start with.

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  3. I also love the second image, the gradient created by the water is amazing. It was a perfect shot, and the processing enhanced it even more. Very well done!

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