Cheezy Face

Evan10Baby Evan is already 10 months old! Can you believe it?!

His new thing is mobility. Yikes. We’re officially chasing two around. He is a very accomplished army crawler and we have nicknamed him “my little swiffer”, “the worm” and “the salamander”. Most people are shocked when they see how fast he is. He can also crawl normally and is climbing EVERYTHING. Everything!!! and cruising.

He has also turned into a baby garbage disposal. For breakfast, this kid can polish off two scrambled eggs, a banana and yogurt (but don’t worry, he doesn’t have that every morning). He has tried just about everything we eat and seems to enjoy variety.

evan2As you can see from these pictures, he’s a very happy boy. It’s not often he’s in a grumpy mood (which I appreciate). He also loves to be social. He will gladly leave the toys he’s playing with if I call his name. He will make his way over to me and climb up into my lap. He also hasn’t hit the “stranger danger” stage yet. I’m not sure if he will, he just likes attention.

He and Wyatt are starting to spend time “playing” together. Well, let me rephrase that… Evan wants to play with what Wyatt is playing with. And Wyatt wants to play with what Evan has.. so you can imagine there are some tears involved at times. But, there is also plenty of laughter. Wyatt is the best at making Evan laugh by saying “cheezy face” (another nickname).

We are all itching to get outside. It’s still too cold her to spend any quality time outside. Which is very depressing to me because I want to introduce Evan to the outside world! But, it will come… right? Right?!!
evan102You can stop getting bigger now Evan.. okay? Don’t you just want to squeeze him!?


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