Saying Goodbye, For Now

So when I got the stomach flu in February, I couldn’t stomach my daily pot of coffee anymore. After about 7 days, when I started to eat normal foods again, I decided to ditch the coffee.

You see, I contemplated giving up coffee for Lent (I am not Catholic, but I like the idea of giving up something for Lent. It’s the least we can do when He did so much for us) but decided against it because “I like it too much”, “I need it”, “how will I manage in the morning?” and my favorite “that’s too important, I’ll figure something out that’s easier”.

Wake up call. Then I got sick and was forced to give it up. Headaches and all (although that was the least of my troubles that week).

So, from that time until now, I haven’t had any coffee or caffeine (deliberately) for that matter. The only thing I do have is an occasional Chai Latte which might have a little caffeine in it. But no coffee, espresso, caffeinated soda or caffeinated teas.

You know what? I feel great! I am still able to get up in the morning like before, even when I was up with Evan during the night. I am also able to make it to my 5:30am workout class a couple of times a week without trouble.

I don’t experience that “crash” like I did before around 2pm. And the best part is that Evan has started to sleep though the night consistently. I am still nursing him, so I’m sure he was also on a slight coffee buzz with me.

Now I have herbal tea every morning and also in the evening. It satisfies that “hot-cuppa-something” that I like to have.

I’m not sure when I’ll have coffee again. I don’t intent to give it up totally, as I really do like the taste of it and appreciate a really good cup of coffee (this new place opened in town that does pour over coffee. They take coffee to an art form.. I haven’t had it yet. I will go there eventually.) But as of right now, I’m enjoying being free from this mild addiction.


4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye, For Now

    • It is weird. I’m just afraid if I start drinking coffee again, I won’t stop. Good thing it’s not warm out yet.. love me some Starbucks Iced Coffee…. mmmm.

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