These past few weeks…

…have been challenging.

First I was sick. Then Adam and the kids were sick. We are all sick of being sick.

The worst seems to be over now and my boys are feeling a lot better.

Thank goodness.

A couple of weekends ago it was my 29th birthday again! The whole family celebrated by packing up everything imaginable and headed to one of our favorite places to stay in Door County.

We like to rent a house and just hang out, eat, build a fire in the fire place. Ahhh….
Oh, right. We have kids now.. so it’s really not as relaxing as you were just imagining. If I close my eyes.. I can still remember what it used to be like, BK (before kids).

Not that I mind having them around. Wyatt is VERY entertaining and Evan is my little snuggle bug. But this trip was different. I like to call it the “poopy” weekend because that’s what I felt we did all weekend. Just cleaned up poop.

Evan got the bug. He threw up a couple of times (but babies do that, right?) yeah, they do, but then the poop started and didn’t stop. We were washing his clothes in the sink (each outfit a few times) and I even had to buy him sleeper. I felt so bad for him. He did sleep good, but lost his appetite and wasn’t very happy. Then, half way through Saturday Adam start to feel icky and spend most of the day in bed. He was upset about it because that day was my actual birthday and he missed out on the food and festivities.

But I did get to go somewhere special with my dad. The White Gull Inn in Fish Creek. They have an amazing breakfast and of course I couldn’t pass up the Cherry Stuffed French toast.


This french toast won the Best Breakfast in America challenge on Good Morning America. And it really is that good. See that candle in the background, in the strawberry? That was my birthday candle, next to the cherry coffee cake. YUM.

So it was nice before all the chaos and sickness started to get up early and relax with my dad for breakfast.

We also went for a walk with Wyatt and looked at Lake Michigan. Wyatt loved Lake Michigan. But as you can see it was very cold, but I just love this picture of us.


We saw several different birds around the water as well including Mute Swans and various ducks.

swanHere’s the swan. I was zoomed way out so the quality isn’t the best.. but at least I had good light!

Other than this, not much else it going on. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground and it’s below freezing. I am hoping to get in one more ski before the trails deteriorate. Spring it taking it’s time this year, but for some reason I really don’t mind.


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