Workshop Weekend

It’s been two weeks already and I am finally getting around to sharing about the Ryan Rose workshops I participated in.

I audited most of the day Saturday and participated in the Liberty and Freestyle workshops on Sunday.

For me personally it was somewhat frustrating because its always hard this time of year. I have been visiting Charm only once every two weeks as of late and I haven’t been in a learning environment for nearly two years. So that left our horsemanship a little rusty. I felt we still did our best and I learned a ton! I just wish we would have been able to “warm up” the weeks prior to the clinic.


Ryan is showing us a new backup technique.

I think the thing that I got most out of the weekend were some new warm up strategies for Charm and I to use. He had some fun techniques and shared them with us.

When it came to liberty I really had a lot of “ah ha” moments. One phrase he said a few times was “don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies” when referring to ignoring the connection that the horse might be offering us and instead completing the task we view as important at that moment. At the level Charm and I are at, we need to focus on improving draw and flexion every chance we get. The flexion thing is something that really struck me (the horse flexing or arching toward you and potentially giving you two eyes). I didn’t pay much attention to this in the past and now while watching videos, I see it and have a whole new level of understanding. It will be interesting to see how this will help shape our Liberty once we have more time to play.


He used us for a demo during the Freestyle workshop.

The Freestyle workshop was great too. It was a great reminder of the basics I should be using every time I ride. Forequarter and hindquarter yields, a good backup, carrot stick riding, and picking focal points. It was great, and again I learned a ton and have a few things to mull over.


A “Can You?” task: Can you use the barrel as a focal point and eventually fold your arms and trot around it? Yes! 🙂

Ryan’s wife, Hillary joined him and she was great too and assisted him when needed. They make a good team!

Our barn owner contacted Ryan and put the workshop weekend together and it was a great success. He’s already scheduled to come back at the end of May! I better start saving some cash and getting my fat horse in shape for the next go ’round. 🙂

Thanks to Amelia for taking the pictures!


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