Full of Fat

I’m mostly a healthy eater.. I pick and choose some organic things from the grocery store. For the most part I stay away from fried foods and refined sugar. I also try to consistently exercise, stay in shape and keep a healthy weight. Having two babies, one can easily pack on the pounds. And let me tell you, after the second baby, the bulges moved around to different (strange) places.

A woman’s body… so mysterious sometimes.

Now that I’m 30 err…older, I have to consider that the “extra weight” may not just effortlessly fall off with day-to-day activities. I have to do more to keep moving and challenging my metabolism and muscles.

So since about 12 weeks after having Evan, I’ve tried to hit the gym 1 – 3 times each week. Time? No, there’s not really time for this, you’re right. That’s why I make time by getting up at 5am to make it to the gym. I like the weightlifting class my gym offers. It’s an hour of lifting free weights that works every muscle group in your body. The instructor tells me what to do, which is good, since I can hardly keep my eyes open at 5am. I also frequent the elliptical machine for some cardio time.

I am back to my starting weight (pre-baby) and have dreams and goals to really get fit before father time robs me of my youth and energy.

Besides exercising, your diet has so much to do with this… in fact, I would say 75% of it is diet. If  you don’t have both working for you, it will be a struggle.

So that’s why I’m here to announce that I drink Whole Milk, Full Fat Greek Yogurt and REAL Butter!


Yes! It’s true! This stuff really isn’t bad for you… (right Sofie!?) It’s not processed. It’s real and natural. Of course I’m not chugging a gallon of chocolate whole milk here.. we are talking about moderation.

This article explains a little about what I’m talking about.

Also, here’s an excerpt from an interesting article that my friend Ellen sent to me today… so fitting since it’s flu season:

…Folks who rarely eat processed foods and take great pains to make their own meals from scratch with quality ingredients can still be plagued with more than their fair share of stomach flu woes.    I used to ponder this very question as to why I kept catching so many tummy bugs despite eating everything organic.    While important, it appears that food quality is not necessarily the best way to prevent gastrointestinal illness.

Could it be the composition of the foods that we eat is a major contributory factor in the frequency of intestinal illness?   For example, is it possible that a very simple change such as increasing the amount of butterfat in the diet could actually be of benefit in avoiding gastroenteritis?

Milk Fat Protects Your Gut From Pathogens

Glycosphingolipids are a special type of lipid found in bovine milk fat (sources:  butter, cream, whole milk, whole yogurt, whole cheeses) that offer protection against gastroenteritis.    Children who drink skim or lowfat milk suffer from acute gastrointestinal illness at a rate five times higher than children who drink whole milk…

Read the whole article (here)

So people. Eat up! Enjoy your whole milk, full fat yogurt, butter and cheese!

Half & Half with your coffee? Why yes! In fact.. how about just cream?!

Would you like some broccoli with your butter? Sounds delicious!

Would you like some delicious Greek Yogurt? Sure! Make sure it’s Fage Total!

How about a treat? Chai or a Hot Chocolate? Only if it’s made with whole milk!

Now, I’m being slightly sarcastic… I don’t always add cream to my coffee.


4 thoughts on “Full of Fat

  1. Excellent philosophy and thank goodness you believe in moderation which is so hard to get through some people’s heads! They feel they must “suffer” to lose weight. As a farm girl growing up I drank whole milk and real butter too (but of course we exercise a great deal too and drank water instead of colas.) No one’s exactly alike though and that’s the key. Do what works for your personal health.

    • Thanks for the comment Ellie… and so true.. most people around here grew up around farms and drank raw whole milk and you can’t beat the Wisconsin cheese around every corner. They are hard working and healthy people. Diet and exercise! And I’m glad you brought up the cola issue… only for a treat! That stuff is awful for you!

  2. Heidi! this is a great post! we need more people to know that a low fat diet is not always the answer! I love my fat ( in my food) every morning I have heavy cream in my coffee…and I put butter on anything it tastes good on…
    Yay for good fats!

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