Lex, the horse from the post below ended up peacefully passing away yesterday. It turns out he was snoozing because it was his last day with us. He died a natural death, without pain or a struggle. He was one of the elderly horses at the farm, there just to be pampered in his retirement. He was in his mid twenties, but still had a spark and sass about him. He was a Thoroughbred and was a dressage horse in his younger years.

Over the last few years at our barn, he was used for the occasional lesson and gave lots of kids and adults their first ride and confidence, even up until last the last week of his life. He also liked to take off and cause trouble. If there was an open door, he’d sneak out and make a break for it! Such a character.

In a way, I was able to say my good bye to him without knowing it was good bye. After taking the pictures, I gave him a few good scratches, brushed the snow off of him and talked to him for a little bit. I could tell he enjoyed the attention. We all loved him. He was a regal animal and will be missed in the pasture.



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