Perspective with my 50mm


It was a beautiful day at the barn today. Kinda cold, but sunny. Plus when I’m at the barn I don’t feel cold because my mind is usually on the horses.

Taking pictures of the herd this time of year can prove to be challenging. Well, they are either standing in one place snoozing, or eating. Basically there’s not much moving going on.

bannerClosed BannerOpen

But I did catch Lex during his afternoon nap. As I approached, he reluctantly lifted his head and gave me this quizzical look.. or is he annoyed? Or maybe embarrassed because he slept too long and the snow melted to his mane?


This is Banner. He’s the guy in charge. And he’s wearing the new and trendy snow moustache.


Back to the picture taking…

This time of year is a good time to practice out-of-the-box perspectives. Since there isn’t much excitement and running around you have to get somewhat creative. I can tell you, I was literally laying on the ground to get some of these shots.

Why? Because the background usually isn’t that pretty. Usually there is some horse poop or a building. So I tried my best to show the sky in most of these shots. Because the sky was really pretty today.


All these images were captured with my 50mm lens. I just love that lens. You have to get one if you’re interested in picture taking.


Doesn’t Schatzi look like a teddy bear? Look at her cute ears!

I enjoyed taking these pictures today.. thanks for having a look at them 🙂


2 thoughts on “Perspective with my 50mm

  1. Dolce & Peaches and Schatzi pictures are my favorite.

    Took the dogs for a walk, of course I didn’t bring my camera and of course it was gorgeous out and the dogs were posing so lovely. 😛

    • Oh bummer! It’s hard sometimes to carry everything around. There will be another moment to capture I’m sure. 🙂

      I think that Schatzi’s picture is my favorite.. she looks so curious.

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