What a hoot!

Today I felt like taking pictures so I ventured to the local Wildlife Sanctuary. It was snowing heavily, so that made it a little tricky to get good shots of the ducks and geese.

As I walked around, I came to one of my favorite places… the owls! They are just so cool. I’ve always loved them. It’s creepy and awesome how they just stare at you and watch with such intensity as you walk by.

So I started snapping away and was surprised that the pictures were turning out half way decent (albeit shooting through a cage and also in very low light).

Here are a few of my best shots.


This Long Eared Owl seemed very curious. He would not take his eyes off my camera.. which was great! I love the snow flakes on him and his bright eyes.


There are two Barred Owls. This one was sitting in his little house. I would love to see one of these while walking through the woods someday.


This is the other Barred Owl. So sweet looking.. just want to cuddle him. πŸ™‚


And of course this snowy walk wouldn’t be complete without a Snowy Owl. Notice the little red stains of blood on his chest… I must have interrupted his dinner.

I’ll have to go back another time and take some pictures when it’s not so dark and freezing cold outside. I couldn’t feel my fingers by the time I got back to the car!


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