Photo Purge

While putting together my new digital photo frame I’ve been going through tons of pictures that were taken over the past year to see what’s “worthy” of appearing in rotation on the frame. I found some good ones!

Some have appeared on the blog before, but thought I’d post a few rediscovered ones for fun πŸ™‚


This is my husband’s 1937 Chevy on the left. Also known as “Wyatt’s Car” (by Wyatt)


My friend Scott takes amazing wildlife and bird pictures.. this is my lame attempt. See his work HERE


Charm in her element… covered in dirt.

DSC_9416 copy

Evan is about 4 weeks old here. He’s so HUGE now.


Charm and I running the beach on Washington Island


This cow was so sweet.


Charm shaking the flies away.. one good thing about winter.. no flies!


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