Horsenality Time!

Something I tend to do this time every year is Charm’s Horsenality Chart. I like to see what changes have been made and of course compare and analyze.

Below is Charm’s current chart.


I’m finding that she’s become a lot more centered than she was in the past. Meaning, there a lot less black dots. Things also seem easier.

You can see some old charts here

This makes me happy because it means we are progressing even though for the past almost 3 years I haven’t been able to dedicate the time I once did to advancing my horsemanship.

Even when it seems nothing is getting better, it really is. Maybe just not as quickly as I would like.

I’ve noticed that this year, Charm has become more extroverted and has a better expression when we are learning together.

Here is a question Pat Parelli answered recently that I could relate to.

The “Question of the Day” goes to Amanda
Amanda says this…”After establishing a pattern of drawing with a good expression at least seven times, I will start to ask for her to draw with more effort. But asking for even an ounce more of effort on her part will cause her to pin her ears again and then she refuses to draw to me altogether! How do I ask for more effort on the draw while getting her to maintain a positive expression???”

Amanda, you have a really good question about your horses’ expression while drawing. Usually, this means that there is too much consistency and not enough variety. In other words, we have to make sure that we remain positive, progressive, and natural. To help the 7 games stay the seven games, one of the things we have to have is an interactiveness that is attractive to the horse. Often times, playing on the ground too much is what’s going to cause a sourness. I would like to recommend that you see the value in all 4 of the savvies. A lot of times, horses like this need to learn how to go forward more, and freestyle is usually the best way to do that. What I do with my horses whenever I see them get a little bit of expression is this… I’ll ride them in a big pasture, long straight lines, give them somewhere fun to go. Let them stop a the fence. The other thing I do, is that I get them to follow things. For example, you may get somebody to ride a bicycle while you’re riding your horse. Follow as the bicycle speeds up and slows down and so on and so forth. These are some things you can get your horse to do that will give them something more interesting to do than just playing on the ground.

I’m happy he said this, because that’s what I tried to do this past summer and fall. Even though there was not a lot of time, we did a lot of riding on a local state trail and I know our trip to the island was fascinating for her too. And to tell you the truth.. I get bored doing the same things with her. Yup, we can do that. Ok, let’s do that again. Uh hu, yup that’s good… so this year’s motto: Go forward & ride!!


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