Butter Cookies using a Vintage Cookie Press

Well it’s Christmas time and that means it’s time for baking all kinds of treats.

My mom found my Grandma’s old cookie press and I felt up to the challenge to try it out.

Through trial and much error, the cookies turned out and tasted delicious!


Here is ye old cookie press. It’s probably from the 50s. They don’t make them like this anymore…


It came with all these designs. The dough goes in the press and then is squeezed out of one of these inserts and on to the pan. It’s tricky, but once you figure out the technique, it goes fast.


Here is my first attempt at trees and wreaths. Now into the oven they go!


This is where my much error came in to play. When making these kind of cookies, it’s best to have NO distractions. No toddlers or babies crying etc etc. I followed the recipe.. 8 minutes in the oven and this is what I got…


Gah!!!!! More like 5 minutes in the oven. Live and learn I guess… These still tasted good, but they resembled the burnt tree on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

The rest of the batch turned out nicely. Here are some examples of the insert that was used and what the finished cookie looks like:



Pretty aren’t they? I sprinkled the white ones with a little sugar before baking, just to add a little shimmer and a little something extra.

Happy Holiday baking!!


3 thoughts on “Butter Cookies using a Vintage Cookie Press

  1. Hey! My mom has the exact same press! Works WAY better than the new one I have! Those are my favorite kind of cookie too! Love Spritz Cookies!!! Happy Holidays to all of you! Hope Everyone is healthy and happy!!!

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