2013 Horsemanship Goals

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, so it must be a good time to officially put it all down on “paper”.

Every year, I make horsemanship goals for myself. It’s the way I measure how I progress and to make sure I am progressing. Also, it keeps me motivated.

2012 I was able to meet the few goals I made for myself. Knowing that I was going to have Evan in June I didn’t make many goals because it would be a tough year to make the horse a focal point. But, I was able to officially pass my Level 3 in the Parelli Program (albeit, 5 months pregnant!). My Liberty play has drastically improved during the past 4 months. And I was able to somehow get away for a fun weekend of trail riding on Washington Island! I love checking things off the list!

In 2013 I have a couple of ideas and also an interesting and convenient opportunity that may help us achieve more this year.

2013 Goals
• Audition Level 4 Online
• Keep improving our Liberty and prepare for the Level 4 Audition
• Go on lots of long rides and just go somewhere
• Make lessons a priority, as much as I can afford to anyway
• Ride different horses and learn from them
• Become a better rider: become more aware of where my body is/should be and also where my horse’s body and feet are/should be
• Buy some snazzy riding pants and boots (after I drop another 10#… motivation, right?!)

The “interesting and convenient opportunity” is something that I will have to tell you more about later. I’m pretty excited!

What do you think? Horse friends, have you started to think about your 2013 goals? If so, what are they?charmsnow


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