Evan’s Half Birthday


Baby Evan is now 6 months old!

The time actually few by in some ways and in others crawled at a snail’s pace. He’s a hefty 17 pounds now too… my arms and shoulders sure get a workout!

Evan spends much of his day vying for our attention. Seriously. He likes to be looked at and entertained much of the day. That’s where he and his brother are different. Wyatt was very content at playing by himself and still is most of the time. So it’s a good thing that besides us, Evan will have his big brother Wyatt to play with.

Evan is now rolling around everywhere and often will get stuck at different places around the living room (it reminds me of a horse getting cast in his stall). He’s also on the verge of army crawling.. he tries to hike is knees up and scooches the best he can. He can sit nicely with support, and is starting to jump around in his jumper thing. But with all these things, it doesn’t last long until he want’s to move on to the next thing.

Evan has slowly started eating solids over the past two weeks. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to like it! I hope he catches on soon. He is drinking so much now, that my milk production doesn’t keep up, and I can tell that he’s not satisfied for long and needs some food that will stick with him. We keep trying, and I try to make it a One Woman Show when feeding him so he’s entertained and stays interested. Yes, I feel like a crazy person too.

But he shares lots of smiles and baby giggles with us throughout the day. He’s all about discovery now, feeling things and putting everything in his mouth (and I keep wondering why he doesn’t want to eat??) and is fascinated with the world around him, including the Christmas Tree. He would pull it down if I’d let him (he’s already rolled over to it and pulled some of the lights off!). He’s also easily distracted if he’s fussy.. I just get up and we go look at something and he forgets what was upsetting him. It’s nice to have that trick up my sleeve.

Baby Evan, just don’t grow up too fast! Hopefully in 6 more months you’ll still enjoy sleeping in my arms and giving me baby hugs and sloppy kisses. I think this one is going to be a mama’s boy.


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