Layla Faith

Today is a bitter-sweet day for a good friend of mine. Today is her second daughter, Layla Faith’s first birthday.

Nancy and her husband Bryan received devastating news at their 20-week ultra sound a little over a year ago, that something was wrong with their little baby girl. After further testing, it was determined that Layla would not make it.. and at best would only live an hour or two after being born.

One year ago today, Layla Faith was born and lived just under one hour.

She was loved more than ever in that one sweet hour. Her mama held her close, she was kissed and snuggled. She got to meet everyone that loved her before the Lord took her in His arms.

Now Layla is a sweet little angel.

I’m just thinking of Nancy, Bryan and their daughter Kylie today. I think the courage, strength and bravery Nancy lived out was utterly amazing. Not many people could carry their baby knowing what she knew. But, she did the right thing for Layla. Such an unselfish act. I am still in awe.

If you’d like to meet Layla, visit the Gruse Family Blog here.


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