Figure of Eights

Here is short video that shows our liberty figure eight progress we’ve made (of course we had a really good run right before I had my friend record me.. but this was still decent). I wish I had an old video to compare to, but basically, we could accomplish it at the walk.. anything faster than that and Charm would flip me the bird and run off.

I think she looks engaged, with good draw.. and even a snotty kick thrown in. I guess for a left brained introverted horse, I’d expect as much. But for the most part, her expression looks pleasant.

I think we are close to having this solid at the canter, since we got a few flying changes already.. just need to get it all consistent. Then, when things are really working, I plan to add the spin.

Maybe we’ll be ready to record some level 4 Liberty in 2013??? I’ll have to look over that task list again… Hmmmm……


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