Evan is 5 Months


My little Evan is 5 months old already. Isn’t he cute!? He is clearly not a little newborn anymore. I’m guessing he’s a hefty 16 pounds by now. He always has a bunch of smiles to share with me and coos and baby gurgles. A.Dorable.

He’s almost rolling over from his back to his front. Any day now he’ll get the hang of it. With his compact body I don’t think it’s as easy to twist and turn. This little guy is pretty solid.

He loves to watch his big brother, Wyatt, and the dog, and mom and dad… he really keeps an eye on everything. He gets mad if I don’t pick him up (when he thinks I’m going to, or should). He’ll get VERY sad and will cry. As soon as a scoop him up he nuzzles in and relaxes. He likes to cuddle.

He sleeps through the night a couple times a week. Otherwise, he is up once to eat.. I’m sure he’s growing.. (will he ever stop?). I plan to start feeding him solid foods when he is around 6 months. In fact, I should start making and freezing it to get a head start. The squashes are really good right now, and I’m sure I could roast a few of those along with some sweet potatoes.. yumm.

I made all of Wyatt’s baby food, and I am planning to do the same for Evan. Not only is it a lot cheaper, I’d like to think it’s healthier too.. then I know for sure what is in his food. To me, it’s worth putting some time aside to purée away.

Don’t grow up too fast Evan! I’m trying to pause each day and enjoy each moment with him (Wyatt too). I know it won’t be long and they both will be taller than me and I won’t be their sole provider anymore. It’s not easy when they both are at this age.. but honestly.. I wouldn’t mind if I could find a “pause” button on my life’s remote.


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