I’m in Love….

…with the new iPhone 5.

I’ve finally upgraded from a dumb phone to my first ever smart phone. Being a Graphic Designer, I’ve worked on a Mac all day for the past 12ish years. So obviously the iPhone was the best choice for me.

I’ve survived with a second generation iPod Touch for the past 3.5 years and decided I would upgrade to the iPhone eventually. Then with the advancements made to the 5, I had no doubt that I would be more than happy with my upgrade.

One of the things I was most excited about was the camera and video capabilities of the phone. Now, with the swipe of my finger, I can take a picture of Evan smiling or a video of Wyatt playing in the leaves. It’s a lot to run in the other room to take out my DSLR, change lenses and snap some pics. This is much easier.. and the quality is pretty good!

So, needles to say I’ve taken many pictures on the past week and I am so happy to have the opportunity to snap the pictures with a moments notice.

In fact! The past four posts to this blog were made from my iPhone’s WordPress Ap, using the iPhone’s pictures. Slick eh? So, that will allow me to post more often.. even if it’s just a picture I feel inclined to share with you.

I am also actively on Instagram too .. you can find me at hidfunk


See! I just switched to my iPhone and uploaded this picture of me being “super mom” 😉

Also, on a side note. I was excited this week because this blog now has over 50 followers! I appreciate the family, friends and new WordPress friends that check in on a regular basis! So thank you!


3 thoughts on “I’m in Love….

  1. Agreed the accessibility to photos and video at the touch of a button is so convenient. Here you on the ‘running to lug out the dslr’ experience. It’s just a very handy dandy tool! My one big gripe is apple products are a pain in the butt to put material on and get off. It’s so ‘clicky’ you can only use it on specific computers and this certain way. I’d just like to put the file on there I need and go please.

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