Evan: 3 Months

Well, I’m obviously a little behind. Evan turned three months old on September 1st and today is September 20th. Well, this picture was taken around September 1st, so we’ll call it his official 3 Month Old picture.

As you can see he is sitting in a bumbo type seat and is doing pretty well at holding his adorable head up. He has a nice olive tone to his skin and petite ears. He has a forehead dimple when he makes certain faces. He smiles when you talk to him and will even have a cute conversation with you! His voice is soft and sweet. It melts my heart!

Evan is very strong and a good eater. He’s not eating every two hours anymore. Now it’s more like every 3 – 4. He usually goes to bed around 9:30p or 10p and sleeps until 4:30a – 6a. I am not complaining. He nurses and takes a bottle, but often has a fussy time in the early evenings and sometimes will refuse to nurse. I think he just gets impatient and is tired. If  that happens, I usually pump and then he can fill his tummy for the night with the bottle (then daddy can feed him too).

Evan is a mama’s boy. He and I have a very special connection. Often I am the only one who can soothe him if he’s fussy. It feels awesome to have that power, but sometimes it’s exhausting when Wyatt is also demanding my attention. But, it’s all normal! It’s all part of being a mom!

I do feel I have a closer bond with Evan than I did with Wyatt at this age. Just because I got to spend every moment with him these first 3ish months and was able to nurse him and hold him close to me. With Wyatt’s situation, he was in the NICU for almost 2 months and then on oxygen another two months after that. So we didn’t experience that in the same way. It makes me sad. But, Wyatt was a GREAT baby and was so easygoing. It will just be interesting to see how different they both will be. It could just be their personalities too. Just stuff I think about I guess.


One thought on “Evan: 3 Months

  1. He looks like an absolutely thrilling personality (this impression given by second picture:)
    Cute kids Heidi, cute kids!

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