My Horse is Fat

She looks ashamed doesn’t she?

I have a problem, my horse is fat. Now that she is a mature 11 I think her metabolism is starting to slow down, plus she just likes to eat all the time.

I get out to ride her once each week and lately they have been good, “full” rides. Meaning we are both pretty sweaty by the end. But clearly once a week isn’t enough because Charm still has a spare tire around he mid-section.

So, I’ve taken action. I am going to try to get out to ride twice a week and focus on trotting and hill work. We have some nice hills though the woods and we simply walk up and down them. It’s great exercise for her and Charm gets to practice setting herself up down a hill. I love the feeling of her gathering herself and working her way down a hill. She just does it, I just stay out of her way.

I’ve also asked a friend to ride Charm once or twice a week for me over the next month. That should help, too. So with that and also being used for lessons, Charm should start looking a little better in a few weeks.

The reason I worry is because we have a weekend excursion planned at the end of September and I’m afraid her belly is going to rub on the sides of my trailer all the way there! That wouldn’t be good.. and it’s just not healthy for her to have the hay belly.

So stay tuned, I hope to take progress photos as we go along 🙂


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