My Favorite View: August 2012

I haven’t done one of these for a while. The full title is actually “My favorite view is the view between her ears”. We took an early morning trail ride this week and got some cool pics. Now you can see what I see when Charm and I are out and about…

Yes, she’s trying to eat a tree.


8 thoughts on “My Favorite View: August 2012

  1. Those leaves are candy! Nom Nom Nom.

    The mosquitoes lately are horrendous!!! I shudder at the idea of going on a ride even with spray. It looks like a very pleasant and mosquito free one you had.

  2. OMG…you guys have gotten WAAYY more rain than we have! LOVE all the green. Everything here is burnt and sandy. Love the photos Heidi and wish we could be out there together! Off to a jump show today!

    • Yeah, we got some rain and now it’s dry again. Now sure how the fall colors will be this year. Things are just starting to change.

      I wish you were with us too!

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