Teething Necklace

I guess being home for 8 weeks on maternity leave has brought out the creative and crafty side of me. Here is my latest project.

A teething necklace!

While surfing the world wide web, I came across this cool teething necklace. I almost bought one, but then thought, “Heck! I bet I could make that!” So I did.

Now. Please don’t be confused in thinking I, myself will be teething on this necklace. No. It’s meant for a baby of course.

The idea is that mommy wears this necklace while nursing and baby will have something to hold on to (instead of mommy’s hair, shirt or anything else within reach). Also, baby wearers also find these handy when wearing their baby in a sling or carrier, giving the baby something to play with and chew on.

The pink and gray beads are actually wood beads that I crocheted over. My wonderful neighbor Kari, ‘the crocheting extraordinaire‘, helped me figure out how to crochet over the beads and I am really happy with the results (since I just learned how to crochet this week).

I thought it turned out cool, as this was my first attempt. I plan to make more so I’m sure they will get better as I practice. This particular necklace was made as a gift for a new mommy I know. I hope she and her baby love it!


9 thoughts on “Teething Necklace

  1. Oh my GOODNESS, Heidi! it turned out perfect! I want to make one! I think we need to have a “Teething Necklace” session. I want to learn, so I can make one for Estelle.

  2. I’m so impressed, I’ve been attempting to learn to crotchet for a year and can’t figure out how to get a line! This is such a great idea for a baby shower gift! Thanks for sharing pinned for inspiration!

    • Thanks! Do you know anyone who crochets? It helped having someone physically show me… Or there are tons of YouTube tutorials. Good luck! You can totally do it!

      • Aw! Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been knitting for years, but for some reason I can’t figure out crotchet! haha, my boyfriend is bad at it, but I’ll have him try to help, physically showing me might do the trick!

  3. I’m so glad you clarified who the necklace as for, I was thinking of making one for myself…;)
    My sister made the dish rags but she knit hers, they do work nice!
    This turned out so well! The crocheting around the beads….fascinating. My mom could do the fancy stuff with crochet, my skills are incredibly basic.

    Need more time off, this crafting is fun! : D

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