Evan’s New Mobile

Baby number two came along a little early.. and needless to say, I didn’t quite have the room decorated completely. All the necessities were there.. but not any unique one-of-a-kind pieces like I would have liked.

My good friend Ellen came over one day last week and told me about an awesome mobile project she had just created for her daughter Eden. I do not have a mobile over Evan’s crib yet (and had just been thinking that I needed something for him), so this was perfect timing!

Behold! The Origami Crane Mobile!

Now I’m sure we are not the first ones to come up with this idea.. but, personally, I had never heard of or seen one before. I thought it looked so cool, so I decided to make my own for Evan’s room.

They are so simple to make .. here’s how:

First you have to find some fun scrapbook paper. This specific mobile needs 9 cranes.. so 9 different pieces of scrapbook paper. The only thing to keep in mind is that the paper needs to be square in order to correctly fold the origami crane.

You will be able too find countless video tutorials online to help you figure out how to fold the crane. It’s not really that hard at all.. so don’t feel intimidated.

Then, I purchased this Kikkerland Randon Hanging Photo Mobile from Amazon.com for $13. It arrived at my door within a few days and was very easy to put together. The mobile is made to automatically balance when items of an equal weight are hung from it.. so no adjusting needed! Easy peasy!

Another thing I like about the crane mobile is that it can really be for anyone, not just a baby. I can see a child having this in their room or how cool would it look allย sophisticated with black and white paper? It could be for anyone really.

So there you have it! A cute mobile idea for under $20! Thanks to Ellen for the great idea!!

(Click here for another cute mobile project. I made this mobile for my first son’s room a couple years ago.. also an inexpensive and low costing project!)


5 thoughts on “Evan’s New Mobile

    • I thought you would like it. You could also fold different origami designs and put them on one mobile. The possibilities are endless I think!

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