Four Weeks Old

Little Evan is 4 weeks old already! Where has the time gone?

He still seems bigger everyday and is eating like a pig. He nurses about every 2 – 3 hours around the clock. Sometimes even more often than that. So with that schedule, he better be gaining some weight!

I’m learning what his cries mean, which help determine hungry vs. gassy.

Yesterday we did some floor/tummy time and he actually was playing. He was making all these cute little baby noises and kicking his feet. These pictures are from that little play session.

It was after watching him play like that, I realized he’s growing really fast! It seems like we just came home from the hospital last week. Too crazy!

Wyatt continues to be an excellent big brother. He likes to point to Evan’s nose, feet, hands, eyes and also brings me things, like the remote, when I’m stranded on the couch nursing Evan. What a guy!

I’m really tired. I’m so happy not to be working right now, although watching Evan and Wyatt together has it’s challenges. I lay down when I can and I’ve learned how to doze off in the chair while nursing during night. I just keep telling myself this won’t last forever… but honestly I am looking forward to Evan sleeping 4 hours in a row!


3 thoughts on “Four Weeks Old

    • His hair is a little lighter now compared to when he was born.. Its not red, just a medium brown. I’m wondering if it will all end up falling out.

  1. Poor Heidi, such little sleep! Evan looks like his brother yet so different…to me at least. Yeah, WOW a month he’s been out, he is growing so fast and Wyatt too, he looks so grown u I can’t believe it!

    It won’t last forever, someday, 4 hours of sleep, then 6!

    You need any help let me know!

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