Back in the Swing of Things

The Game of Contact clinic is this weekend. Oh how I wish I could ride in it. But, it’s impossible with the fact that I have a nearly 4 week old, cute, little newborn baby to take care of. There’s always next year, right?

Something I was playing around with last fall before I stopped riding was actually riding with contact. I actually blogged about it here. Well, I started messing around with that again over the weekend.

Above, Charm is stretching into the bridle, before I actually ask for the contact.

Now, ever so gently I slide my hand down the reins to her neck and ask for contact while also trying to remember the 1,000 other things I need to pay attention to (my posture, Charm’s response, where are we going, focus, have fun, etc. etc.)

We continue around the arena with the contact held at the trot. The trot is loose and rhythmic. Notice the swooshy tail.

Here is where we can talk about posture and frame. It’s far from perfect, but not that bad if you consider we haven’t practiced this since November! (and yes, I know I am in shorts.. but I have a shortage of non-maternity pants at the moment.. and it was hot outside!)

And release the contact. I like this picture.. because it shows my release and Charm is actually holding the contact on her own (loose reins). And I look super serious and focused!!!

So there you have it – something to possibly compare to in the future when we learn more and continue with the never-ending self improvement!


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