Don’t mind the bags under my eyes…

Well, I’ve been a little busy. I can’t believe this new little baby is almost 3 weeks old! Time sure is flying and the days blend together.

Things are going well. I am pretending to be super mom and not sleeping much and also trying to function throughout the day time. Although, today I was able to catch a 45 minute nap, which I’m sure helps.

It’s a balancing act when it comes to more than one child. The baby needs me to feed him and keep his diaper clean. Wyatt needs me to keep him entertained and full of food. Hmm..  I think I’m getting it. The nice thing is that Adam has been home quite a bit to help so it hasn’t been so bad.

Evan is doing great. We had a checkup for him last Friday and he had gained a whole pound since his previous checkup. AND (get this!!) he grew 1.75″ in two weeks! All this breast feeding is paying off!

Other than that, I am enjoying my time off and time at home. It’s been awfully hot the past few days, so I’ve been avoiding going outside because of it.

I had a break over the weekend… I was able to steal about two hours and made it to the barn alone. And I was able to ride my horse for the first time since having the baby. It was much-needed! Charm did super and didn’t forget a thing.. and I was nice and sore the next day. All my muscles need a good awakening ….

For now, I am just taking it easy. But I am looking forward to slowly starting up my workout routine in the next week or two. I have about 20 extra pounds to lose.. and I don’t want to have to buy new jeans (none fit) and I don’t want to wear maternity jeans the rest of my life either.. so.. the fat has to go!! Fortunately, since it’s summer, there are loads of fresh fruits and veggies to eat. And I am sure craving them!

Here’s a picture of little Evan at only a few days old. He’s so tiny, but now he seems big to me. They do really grow up fast.. I want to make sure to pause and soak in this time with him. More later!


6 thoughts on “Don’t mind the bags under my eyes…

  1. OMG!!! He is sooooo cute! I have been checking daily to see how things are! Glad you got some Charm time. Sure do miss you! Sorry the phone connection has been tough! Soon, SOON!!!!

      • We are getting there! The barn is finally in order as of today. Still gotta get hay for the winter and sawdust, but not hurry on that. Hattie and Willie are total buds…to the point of being annoying. But she is coming into heat and she is getting annoyed by him! LOL Sure do miss my riding partner! Chat soon!

  2. I found it is getting easier balancing two. Unless you have one that wants to be held all the time like baby Phil does. That makes it a little difficult but at least he is on a schedule that coincides relatively close to Emma’s, i.e. naptime 🙂

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