Well, my weekend didn’t go exactly as planned.. I ended up having a baby! As you can see from the picture above, a new little boy arrived on Friday morning.

I noticed something was different when I got up to use the bathroom around 4:30am. I thought I had mildly wet the bed (wouldn’t surprise me), but had to question the fact that my water just may have broke! I went back to bed and tried to dismiss this notion, but couldn’t and headed back to the bathroom to have another look. I was starting to believe it was true. My water was slowly leaking. So I showered, packed my bags (nope didn’t do that yet), sent out some emails, called the Doctor to let them know the situation and my dad to come take care of Wyatt.

We got to the hospital at 7:15am and they were busy.. must be a good day to have a baby. I got my room right away and by 8am I was all registered. I was counting contractions from about 5am and there were about 10 minutes apart, but now they were gradually growing more intense and frequent.

At about 8:30, my nurse checked to see if I was dilated and I was already at 6cm! She was surprised and so was I. Thirty minutes later I was at 8cm and within another 15 minutes of that, I was ready to push. I pushed for 3 or 4 contractions and the Doctor was rushing to get her gloves on to catch the baby.

It’s a boy!

We had one problem. We hadn’t decided on a boy name yet! We had some ideas but nothing that was the name. As the nurses were cleaning him off.. the name Evan popped in my head. I asked Adam what he thought and he nodded and said he liked it. Then he searched on his phone and found the meaning of Evan to be “God is Gracious”. We liked that. It also means “young warrior” and “rock”. All good things and also goes well with Wyatt’s name meaning. So it was decided that quickly. Evan Thomas would be his name (Thomas after Adam’s mother’s maiden name).

Evan is a great little baby. It helps that he is cute.. but besides that, he’s already a good eater and is easily consoled and content. Since he’s 3.5 weeks early, he is a little jaundice but the Doctor said not to be too worried about it. He has a squeaky little cry and when he opens his eyes, he really looks at you like he really knows you. I just love him!


14 thoughts on “Surprise!

    • Congratulations to everyone. What a beautiful baby. Let me know when your by mom & dad so I can take a peak at the family.

  1. I love that picture of Evan, he looks like a rockstar!
    What did Wyatt think of his cuteie brother?

    Congratulations you family of 4! (Good thing you have Fiona and Charm or you’d be outnumbered;)

    • Thanks! Wyatt is great with him. He likes to give him a kiss and pat his head. It’s adorable.

      Yes, you can’t forget that I have my two girls.. Fiona and Charm!

  2. I would say he is the cutest, but Wyatt is tough competition! He looks precious Heidi! So happy for your sweet family!

    • It will be interesting to see how he ends up looking compared to Wyatt. So far, Evan looks more like me.. and Wyatt more like Adam.

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