Not Just Running in Circles!

As I continue to waddle around the barn when I visit my horse, to my surprise I’m actually making some decent progress! Presently, I do not want and can’t move around easily. My due date is actually a month from today! Freaky!!!!

For the first time in a year and a half, Charm and I were able to play in the round pen. Now, I haven’t always had the best of luck in the round pen. We would often get some good stuff going, and then I’d get greedy and sever any connection we had going. That’s what’s so great about being pregnant and not feeling like doing much. Then you don’t do much and you make progress (Well, in my situation at least. That’s how Charm is wired).

So the round pen is set up, it’s really windy and there are these HUGE manure trucks going by on the road 40 feet away about every 5 minutes. Oh, and we haven’t done this in about 18 months. Charm was alert, a little spooky, but not out of control.

It was so interesting. Because of my new approach to liberty and to Charm things got so much better and this was a great test! We had engagement and I could throw my energy around using a very soft phase. At one point, we were doing some spins on the rail and she would even rear and offered a lot. We got about two good spins that I was happy about. But the biggest deal to me, was the fact that I had draw. She would come to me almost every time I suggested it and even asked to come in herself.

We also did a couple snappy changes of directions with a buck and a kick. I have to be careful with the changes of direction. I feel like I can offend her easily by sending her off the other way once she finally agrees to come in .. and then she tends to flip me the bird and the connection we worked for is over. This time, she got sassy about it (buck and kick.. don’t worry, it was playful and at a safe distance) but I didn’t lose her attention and connection. But I realize this is still a very fine line.

We kept our session short and it was very positive. I’m excited to use the round pen over the next few weeks. It’s easy, being pregnant, to just stand in the middle and ask my horse to do the work.

Oh, another cool thing. Shirley has started using Charm for some of her lessons. Since I am not riding and I don’t think I’ll be back to riding regularly for a while I asked if she’d like to use Charm. So far it’s going very well! I am excited for Charm to get the much-needed exercise and for her to have new experiences with other riders.

Here she is eating (surprise, surprise) and looking ratherΒ roly-poly I must say. I’m thinking we will have to get rid of our belly fat together this summer. πŸ˜‰


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