An Iris and a Little Boy

The iris are blooming! They are my favorite flower and nothing beats their sweet wonderful scent. Last fall I was able to dig them up separate them and replant hoping I’d have a good crop this year. It worked! My Grandma Ray taught me well ❀

This blue one is by far my favorite. It’s about 7+ inches wide when you hold up your hand to it.Β  And I just love the vivid and soft duo blue color it has. Amazing!!

This one isn’t as big, but it’s one I grew up having. I know it’s a very old variety and I don’t remember all the details of where it came from. If someone remembers and wants to chime in I’d appreciate it!

This pale blue and white striped one by far has the best scent. When the wind was blowing through my window I could even smell it in the house! As you can see, Wyatt loves to smell flowers. I’m trying to teach him to be careful with the flowers and to just smell them. So far, he’s really respectful, especially for a two year old boy!

Well, there’s my Iris showcase. I may be cutting some to bring in tonight. We have storms on the way and I fear they will all be laying on the ground in the morning. Then we can sniff them all night!


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