Picturesque Ponies

I made my escape to the barn today. It was just gorgeous out! Here are some pictures that I captured with my trusty 50mm f/1.8 lens. You just can’t go wrong!

(click the picture for best quality)

I just love, love, love this lens for taking portraits. It works so well and I can easily achieve the effect that I want while shooting in manual mode. The paint horse above is so fun to photograph. He just poses.. makes it easy for me!

And now for something different. Here are a couple I processed for fun. What do you think?

I kinda like the old time feel of this picture and the brightness (it was bright out). Plus it’s my horse πŸ˜‰

This one I wanted to accentuate the contours of the neck and create almost a silhouette type feel without going the black and white extreme. I think it makes an interesting photo, sometimes color can be distracting.

Here’s another one I just had to add… a good picture day!


4 thoughts on “Picturesque Ponies

  1. You have floored me, you are amazing!
    50mm would be the next lens I would get, heard great recommendations for it for portraits.
    I love the clarity and depth to the photos and Schatzee’s neck. I can never get a shot I am happy with with my horses, they all seem so boring to me but I’ll keep trying.

    Jackie is absolutely right!

    • Thanks Amelia!

      Schatzi was itching her chest and I quickly took the picture and I loved the arch her neck made.

      I think it helps that I have over 20 horses to photograph.. so there’s always someone being a character.

      I think the lens makes such a difference. Get the 50mm for sure. My advice for the amateur photographer (like myself) is to have a wide angle lens (the one that usually comes with your camera), a zoom and a portrait lens. Then all your bases are covered.

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