Equines Enjoying the Setting Sun

(click the image to see at full resolution)

I was able sneak out to the barn after work today and had my camera with me. After some not-so-nice, typical Wisconsin spring days, we finally had a good one with lots of sun and NO wind.

The first picture is of a horse named Rosa. She was curious of my camera (they all are) and I was able to get a “long face” picture of her. I love the contrast of her black coat and white blaze and decided this picture had to be black and white.

The following three horses were lined up so nice with the setting sun that I couldn’t resist taking a shot. Since their all colored alike, I thought the golden hues would make them glow.

Banner and the geese. His head went up in the air and he trotted over the fence line. I was too short and didn’t see them right away. But he was right, something was there. Two Canada Geese were in the field enjoying their enormous salad bar. Banner stared them down for a minute or two and they eventually couldn’t take it anymore and flew away. Banner is the herd leader… and he seems to take his job seriously.

The last picture is of Willie. He’s an older horse that my friend Jackie owns. I was able to peek over his back and caught him glancing back at me (probably thinking, what the heck are you doing back there?) I like the sunset in the background and the outline it makes of the paddock and barn.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Thanks for looking!


6 thoughts on “Equines Enjoying the Setting Sun

  1. Hey! I love them all!!! How did you manage to get my three favorites in one picture!!! TALENT, I say! You have inspired me too! I recently bought a glorified point and shoot with some basic manual settings. Nothing fancy by any stretch, but it take some decent pics. Now, just finding time to shoot!

    • Haha! I just noticed that those three are your fav. I guess I knew who was in the picture, but didn’t think it through all the way.

      You’re going to need a camera this summer.. I want to see how the horses are doing! So make sure you FB some photos or put some up on your blog. 🙂

  2. I just love taking pictures with the setting and rising sun. They are so cool and pretty looking, like your shots!

    Oooh Jackie have fun with that point and shoot the manual settings are fun to play with and allow a lot of flexibility.

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