Baby #2 Update

I know I don’t talk a lot specifically about this pregnancy compared to the one with Wyatt. Well, the fact is that this one is a lot more uneventful and I am okay with that!

I am starting my 28th week tomorrow, and that brings with it the final third trimester. Presently, I feel great except for a few symptoms here and there (like tiredness, cramping in my feet and legs, and feeling short of breath when I’m doing anything that’s somewhat physical).

I feel the baby kicks and wiggles throughout the day and night. And sometimes I think it feels different than last time. It could be because this baby is swimming and Wyatt was sitting in my womb without water for so long. I’m sure it makes a difference in someway.

I feel like I am entering into unknown territory, since I had Wyatt at 31 weeks and my pregnancy was not normal for the 8 weeks leading up to that. So, what is it going to feel like, to really get big? I feel giant sized already and I know it’s only the beginning.

Then I have the usual female insecurities. Nothing fits right anymore. I feel like my butt is sticking out in an unnatural way. At times I don’t have the willpower to stop eating (but am reminded to eat less with lovely acid reflux). Will I get back into shape? Or rather, will I have time to get back into shape?

Also this time is really different because I feel distracted. By Wyatt mostly. Last time the pregnancy was on my mind a lot (obviously laying in a hospital bed all that time), but now I am living my life day to day and I don’t think about it constantly. But when I am thinking about it, I wonder how I’m going to handle a busy two year old boy and a newborn? Will Wyatt be jealous? Will I have time to dedicate to both?

And then the selfish part of me perks up. Am I going to be able to do anything by myself? Will I get to garden like I normally do? Will I see my horse at all this summer? My friends? Will anyone want to spend time with me when I have a toddler and a newborn tagging along?

Then the rational side of my brain kicks in and reminds me that this will just be for a season. Life will resume to a new normal routine eventually and these children of mine are going to grow up fast so I better enjoy the tiny years. I shouldn’t be worrying about these silly, selfish things. Right?? (I imagine you moms out there who have lived through this are probably having a chuckle to yourselves about all my silly talk).

So that’s where my brain is at.

In other news, we are in the process of setting up the nursery and putting things in place. Tomorrow I have my 28 week checkup complete with the dreaded glucose test. Fun, fun! Wyatt will start potty training soon. Last week before his bath, he ran into the bathroom (naked) lifted up the toilet seat and peed all over the floor (the toilet was too tall for him). I wasn’t there, but Adam said he emptied his bladder. So a new potty training adventure begins!

Thanks for listening 🙂


9 thoughts on “Baby #2 Update

  1. I really appreciate this insight. Someday I plan to be a mom so it’s nice to hear from people I know what it is like. I would hang out with you and your munchkins anytime I can! Maybe that would allow you a little more time with Charm if I could manage to entertain the kids or something-even just allow you to take a breath here and there.

    They do grow up so fast!

    • Thanks Amelia! It sure is a life changing experience and I don’t want to make it seem like a downer. Being pregnant is a miracle in itself and I am counting my blessings. It’s amazing what a woman’s body can do and endure.

      I’d love to hang out with you.. I’ll be off for a while after the baby is born. Maybe sometime if you’re in Green Bay you can stop by and we can sit on the deck and chat, or watch some horse videos!

      • It’s a test all pregnant women have to take to make sure they don’t have gestational diabetes. If I were to fail the test twice, then I’d have to go on a special diet to avoid potential health problems for the baby. It usually goes away after the baby is born.

  2. I have the same thoughts at times, how will I handle a two year old and a newborn etc, and I am glad that I am not he only one who feels this way at times. On top of that I have a crabby toddler who is not napping/sleeping well at all thanks to the 2 yr molars which only makes these thoughts more prevelant…ugh. You are right, things will be just fine 🙂

    • Hey Andrea,
      We haven’t had the two year molars yet, but I’m sure they’re just around the corner.

      It must be just a natural thing for moms to worry about these things. Thinking we’re just normal!

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