A clinic here.. A clinic there.. They’re everywhere!

If I were riding this spring and summer, I’d have some major decisions to make.

Clinics! Money! Time! There wouldn’t be enough to go around!

There are several fabulous clinics coming to the area in June, July and August. The first being Linda Parelli’s Game of Contact taught by Amy Book-Bowers. This clinic will be in Algoma June 29 – July 1. Then there will be an advanced GOC July 2-3. Auditing is available for anyone interested. Here is a recent video of Amy Book-Bowers before and after the Game of Contact. She’s a fabulous rider and it would be a privilege to learn from her.

I also have to share this video of Amy preparing her horse for the upcoming eventing season.. feel the rush!

Then, Aimee Brimhall is coming to Green Lake, WI July 7-11, this will be her fist time teaching in Wisconsin. This clinic filled in less than 12 hours and unfortunately is closed to auditors. The good thing is, she might come back next year since she’s gotten such a nice response! Here’s a great video of Aimee to give you a taste of what she does:

Last but not least, Dave Ellis is back in August for a 4 day Cow Clinic (Aug 9-12) and then 2 days of Level 4 (Aug 13-14). Auditing is available for this and I hope to audit a day of Level 4.

So for all my horse friends, try to attend one of these clinics. It will improve your horsemanship and make you more smarter. If you’d like more info on any of them, just let me know!

And just for kicks, and since I went a little heavy on the videos, I’ll add one more as inspiration for you. This is Hanza Blaha.. too bad he’s in Europe! I’d love to see him in person.


2 thoughts on “A clinic here.. A clinic there.. They’re everywhere!

  1. Wow. My favorite thing to watch is the horses tails. Happy tails make me happy. I feel like I could do this someday down the road. Maybe that’s just over optimistic but the first step is to believe it .

    Heidi this is so COOL!

    Think Rebel and I could handle the GOC June-July? Is there a link to more information. Cost, time, etc.

    • Hey Amelia… really cool isn’t it!!

      I think a prerequisite for the GOC is that you’ve passed Level 3 since it is an advanced class, but I could be wrong. I’ll email you what Kris sent me so you can see the pricing. There’s always auditing too!

      If you really are serious about riding in a clinic this summer, there’s always the first two days of the Dave Ellis clinic that will focus on Horsemanship. It would be a great “first clinic” and won’t be as expensive either.

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