On to Level 4

The hair flew as I brushed Charm out yesterday. I like to do this outside so the wind takes the hair away from my fleece jacket. Everything sticks to fleece.

I am practicing my rope handling skills with the 45 foot line. I realize that I should be primarily be using the 45 foot line now and getting good at it or the light feather lines. Now the 22 foot feels cumbersome in my hands and possibly offensive to Charm.

45 feet is quite the distance. Obedience at 45 feet is quite an accomplishment. We’re not quite there yet, but close and I know it will come with consistency and practice. I would guess we are working quite well at 30 – 35 feet at the moment. The outdoor play area really doesn’t allow for me to use the whole 45 foot line. I’ll have to move to the east pasture for that (once the wind dies down).

I’ve definitely created draw with my horse over the past couple months. I can feel it in her energy and also in my own expression. I am happy. Confident. Proud of what we do.

This year will be a lot different from most years when it comes to my horsemanship. I am expecting it all to come to an abrupt halt in June when baby #2 comes. Will I have time anymore? Will I have the energy? The best part is that I already have a great horse. So there’s no concern about “retraining”, I’d just warm up, go and enjoy the ride. Which is comforting.


4 thoughts on “On to Level 4

  1. Heidi, we approach horses from different angles. I had to chuckle a bit reading this…always have to have a goal! ME TOOO!!! Kids, work, spouse, family, etc…horses need goals and so do we! Good for you! My experience has helped me learned that without a goal, horses become cumbersome and not as enjoyable. So set them goals (with realistic/flexible timelines)! Good luck with horses and kids too! You will find a way to make it all happen. It just might look different than what you expect it to right now. Godspeed!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Jackie, I know this summer is going to be a lot different and it’s going to be an adjustment.

      I am a goal oriented person. I don’t think I could function without goals especially when it comes to horses. Otherwise, what’s the point? To me it’s a waste. How else would you track your progress? I don’t have a horse just to keep her as a pasture pet.

      I’m really going to miss our discussions and sharing of ideas that we often do at the barn. I hope we can still keep the communication going by phone or Facebook. I’m excited to learn about all of Hattie’s progress this summer with you. You both are going to do awesome!

      • Thanks Heidi! I didn’t communicate it well in my reply before…we come from different backgrounds, but we are BOTH so goal orientated!

        We will keep in touch! I read your blog religiously and facebook too! I will be back to visit and the phones too! It’s not going to be good bye, just until later!


        • Oh I know you’re goal orientated! 😀 And yes, we come from very different backgrounds.. almost the complete opposite and that’s why I love learning from you and hearing your perspective.

          I know we will keep in touch.. I suppose if there is a time for you to leave this spring/summer would be the best time since there’s a baby on the way. But I still want to go for another sunrise ride with you later this summer or fall. I’ll always remember that day.. or the full moon ride.. that was a riot! (stick in the eye…) 😉

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