My Favorite Photos: Moonbeam

Moonbeam is a beautiful Golden Retriever that my Grandma raised for a year in the Leader Dogs for the Blind program. This picture is from when she was just a puppy 8 or 9 years ago. I used my old Minolta XG-1 to capture this picture on Velvia slide film. Then I scanned the slide and have this beautiful image to show for it.

I’ve always loved this picture of Moonbeam. I really like how her expressive puppy eye is in focus and she is even looking perfectly into the light. I remember being on the floor and at her level when I took it. She was moving (like puppies do) and I pressed the button just in the nick of time. Lucky shot!!

Moonbeam didn’t make it as a leader dog. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was not accepted into the program. It was fortunate for my Grandparents. They were able to keep her and still have her today. She brings so much joy to them and to all of us as well! She’s just as sweet as she looks.


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