Cave Point this Early Spring

The whole family took a trip to Door County this weekend for a quick overnight stay. While the weather wasn’t as nice as last weekend (high 70s/low 80s.. unheard of!!) it was still above our March average which is around 40˙. So I really can’t complain.

Since the skies were mostly overcast and dreary, I didn’t venture out to take as many pictures as I would have liked. But, I did go to one place that is always impressive: Cave Point. You really can’t take a bad picture. This County Park faces Lake Michigan and when the wind is coming out of the east, it can be extremely cold, and impressive with fantastic wave action on the exposed rocks. Today wasn’t that windy, but I was still able to capture some decent photos.

I’ve been having a lot of fun processing my pictures into Photoshop from RAW format. It allows me to make “corrections” since I am always experimenting in Manual mode on my D5000. Learn as you go? Right?

Which process do you like the best? I experimented with the black and white version of the shoreline since the colors are a little on the bland side this time of year. I kinda like how it turned out.


2 thoughts on “Cave Point this Early Spring

  1. The first two photos knock my socks off! The depth in the first photo is awesome, your eye follows it so nice. And the second is neat in an ancient looking sort of way. That one tells the story of the tree to me.

    My cousin and I try and go to door county for a vacation for a few days. Thinking this year we will go to Washington Island in the fall. It HAS to be magical-hope it’s a colorful fall. I bet ones finger is likely to fall off from trying to capture all the photos there.

    Washington Isalnd…you have me hooked on going.

  2. Thanks Amelia, I really like the root picture too. I love gnarly old trees and roots, I couldn’t resist taking the picture of this one, especially since it’s intertwined with the rocks.

    You have to go to Wash Island! There are several hotels to stay at, or camp if you’re up for it. Do you have a bike? It’s a lovely place to bike if you enjoy biking. Everything is within a few miles so it’s not too far to go. I’d love to get up there in the fall as well.

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